Hogar by Mesil
Hogar is an organic products company that is environmentally responsible and committed to delivering the highest quality. Our mission is to raise awareness among people to stop using products made with various chemicals that contribute to the pollution of our planet.
Hoy intento.
Hogar comes with many messages that remind us of the importance of celebrating the mere act of trying and gradually improving our habits every day.
 We create iconography representing the brand's products, as well as small objects related to them, along with the design.
We all leave a footprint on our planet, but it is our choice to leave a natural footprint and give back some love to our home. We design patterns focused on the brand, such as natural tree footprints.
Dirección creativa Jezahael Tomás
Diseño gráfico: Jezahael Tomás & Aketzali Morales
Ilustración: Aketzali Morales
Social Media Artist: Aketzali Morales
Fotografía: Jezahael Tomás / Mafer Treviño
Edición: Jezahael Tomàs
Diseño complementario: Paloma Gonzales / Zilia Zentella