Adidas PrimeBlue
PrimeBlue is an innovative product collection where the majority of the polyester used is derived from recycled plastic waste. This material undergoes a process that transforms whole plastic into the thread used in our products.
The PrimeBlue campaign is designed to raise awareness about ocean preservation and promote plastic recycling, which often ends up polluting the seas and harming marine life and the environment.

Adaptation and creation of graphics for digital and print media showcased at the PrimeBlue collection launch in Mexico City. This involved assisting in various retail setups at three different locations within the city.
Direction and creation of a digital campaign for raising awareness and promoting the PrimeBlue line across various digital platforms. This involved utilizing artworks, animations, and a landing page. The main focus was on using plastic and fish as key elements to represent and communicate the process and cause behind this graphic line.
Digital Campaign Direction: Jezahael Tomás (Fiki)
Digital Graphic Design: Jezahael Tomás (Fiki)
Physical Graphic Design: Jezahael Tomás (Fiki) / Rafael Pedraza (Fiki)
Project Direction: Rafael Pedraza (Fiki) / AW Retail
Responsible Companies: Fiki / AW Retail